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TransVolt is the future
of electric transportation.

We're bringing together old methods and new ideas to radically change hybrid and electric vehicles and other technologies.

Electric vehicles are almost great.

Electric vehicles are the future. Every major car manufacturer is making them, and they get more and more attention every day. Here at TransVolt International Energy Corporation, we recognize the improvements that can still be made in present-day designs by enhancing efficiencies, decreasing reliance on expensive battery packs, and increasing driving range.

Our high-voltage systems are the answer.

TransVolt is combining old, proven electrostatic motor and high-voltage generator technology, developed in the middle of the last century at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, with today's innovations in materials, electronics, manufacturing, and design. Unlike common electric motors, high-voltage electrostatic motors can operate at ultra-low currents with very little energy wasted as heat.  This gives our motors a major efficiency advantage over conventional systems, both when powering a vehicle and when regeneratively braking. Plus, they're smaller, lighter, and cheaper than conventional options.

We're also expanding our designs into other areas of cleantech.

Our focus areas include developing advanced systems that can be installed in existing ships to filter out ultrafine particulates from engine exhaust, leading to cleaner, easier, lower-cost systems.

Our team is made up of experienced engineers, scientists, and innovators.

The core technical team has extensive experience in areas including mechanical and electrical engineering, physics, materials science, energy storage, high-voltage system design, product and project management, and beyond. David Goodson, the company's founder, has a 40-year history of entrepeneurship in areas including air pollution and particulate control, combustion systems, and electrical system diagnostics.

We're located in the Seattle area,
home of tech innovation.

The Pacific Northwest has been the home of many major players in the worldwide technology space, and has great resources for a cleantech company like ours. We're making full use of those, building close relationships throughout the academic, engineering, and business communities. If you're interested in working with us, whether you're local or halfway across the world, get in touch.

TransVolt International Energy Corporation

5400 Carillion Point
Building 5000, Room 406
Kirkland, WA 98033

Phone: (844) 448 6587 (toll free)